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PostHeaderIcon vTiger CRM for Gyms and Sports Centers

We have developed new modules for access control to sports centers based on an Android app that connects with the vTiger CRM API.

On the other hand we have developed a sales control with the vTiger billing module where we have adapted a module to record each of the partial payments by credit card or cash.

Within a Sports Center it is very important to keep track of the sports activity that our client follows to carry out an automated email marketing process that allows greater support and advice from the Center to its client. This can be done in an effective way through the vTiger CRM Contacts module and with email marketing shipments that advise and notify the customer with different control and follow-up emails.

In our development we have implemented the multi-center concept to allow the management of multiple sports centers in a single instance of vTiger CRM. In this way, through a single platform, the management and online marketing of different centers can be carried out in a unified way.

Also through the campaign module we can create different contact segments to work on them in a commercial campaign, on the other hand through the synchronization of emails from these campaign contacts to Mailchimp we can send newsletters in a segmented way to through this newsletter submission tool.

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