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In Hostgreen we are specialized in the implementation of vTiger CRM tailored for Call Centers. Within the campaign module we have carried out developments that allow us to record the results of each follow-up call with a specific form file for each contact. Likewise, registering in the client file values ​​of attributes that qualify and define the client.
Within vTiger CRM we have deployed the vTiger Asterisk Connector that integrates vTiger CRM with Asterisk in Issabel distributions to allow both the issuance of calls from the CRM and the reception of calls by raising a popup to link with the contact or customer card directly within from vTiger CRM. In addition to this integration, we have programmed other integrations with third-party switchboard platforms that, through their event system, allow us to receive both the incoming call event and the outgoing call issuance and leave them on the contact tab of the CRM.

These developments together with the adaptations that we have programmed of a module for the management of commercial email campaigns Marketing of mass email newsletters through the vTiger CRM campaign module that allows linking with mass mail servers and managing the different HTML templates of the template module to be used in a segmented way in each massive campaign submission to be executed and planned within this module.

vTiger CRM CallCenter en Hostgreen