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Hostgreen provides online training our e-learning platform. It is a free online training system through the Continuing Education of workers, that is, through the social security credits available to companies for training their employees. The course teacher is always accessible via phone or e-mail.

Courses on implementation of app for Android :

Business Management Course with Factusol Register
POS course with Openbravo POS Register
Course on implementation of LOPD Register
CRM course with VTiger CRM Register
ERP course with Openbravo ERP
Course about ISO 9001

You can access our courses at

Our courses are funded by social security with credits that your company provides employment training for its employees for Continuing Education.To do this we will manage free and convenient way for the employer all the necessary procedures before the Social Security for obtaining free grant of the course (first course and immediately pay the grant is received by the same social security discount contributions to SS).

In our e-learning platform the student will have all the tools necessary for the development of the course (content, quizzes, forums), all moderate and managed by the teacher to be available for online tutoring (via email or phone) for the duration of the course. We can summarize our offer as follows:

-Course adaptation / adjustment to the Data Protection Act by forming hardenable Lock-free. Upon execution of this course your company will be up to date with the dreaded rules of the Data Protection Act, and all this in a simple, fast and completely free after the rebate on the course.

-Course introduction of business management software FACTUSOL hardenable by formation of Lock-free. If your company needs a customer management software, budgets, invoices, bills, purchases from suppliers, this is the solution you're looking for. Over the course your company will be operating with free management software.

-Course introduction of self-managed site by forming hardenable Lock-free. Having a website today that you can change text and pictures, get new content is critical to be well positioned on the Internet after the course this will be available in your web project.

-Course introduction of POS software by forming hardenable Lock-free. If your business needs a solution for point of sale terminal (tickets, cash, sales, cash count reports, sales tax) with this course will be able to implement a free POS program.

-Course introduction of CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) hardenable by formation of Lock-free. If your sales team needs to have a tool that allows you to better manage their contacts, which can not escape sales opportunities, provide better customer service, this course will get implemented using free software in your company.