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Free Webinar Free E-Commerce Software

Is pleased to announce our series of FREE webinars (tele via Internet) in which we conduct seminars on Electronic Commerce software solutions and free demonstrations of this.


- What is Electronic Commerce? How I can improve my sales by implementing the SME e-commerce? How I can implement in my project eCommerce site?.
- Provide information on the various e-commerce solutions based on free software, comparison of existing solutions, benefits of using free software.
- Process implementation and customization of e-commerce solutions free software in the SME.
- What is SEO search engine optimization? Do I need to position themselves in social networks like Facebook?

- I can qualify for a grant from the Junta de Andalucía for the execution of my project?


Aquellas personas que estén interesadas en descubrir de primera mano cómo implantar comercio electrónico con éxito puede añadir gran valor a las pequeñas y medianas empresas.

Si usted es una PYME buscando implantar comercio electrónico entonces esta sesión es para usted.


The webinars will have a weekly basis.

The next webinar in Spanish are:

Let me ask you also get the information from this grant the Order Incentive of Andalucía (ERDF)

Innoempresa Program for Electronic Commerce.

Amount: Up to 40% repayable in implementing E-commerce
Eligible Expenses: Consulting, implementation, software and licenses.
Beneficiaries: SMEs in the Community of Andalucía.
Project Deadline: Until December 30, 2013.

Grants 40% in Andalucia Board for ERP, CRM, POS and Electronic Commerce

Let me inform you of the existence of these grants of up to 40% of the total project cost for implantantación solutions such as:

- Implementation of integrated management system (ERP Software)

- Implementation of e-commerce solution (online shop web)

- Implementation of a management solution for retail, bars or restaurants (TPV)

- Implementation of a solution to improve business process management (CRM software)

Innoempresa SMB Program Andalucía.

Amount: Up to 40% subsidy in implementing ERP software, CRM, eCommerce, Management
Eligible Expenses: Consulting, implementation, software and licenses.
Beneficiaries: SMEs in the Community of Andalusia.
Project Deadline: In various calls to December 30, 2013.

In Hostgreen can arrange free presentation of these grants to the Agency Idea (Junta Andalucía) for the development and implementation of any of these projects with us from one of the free software solutions to implement and we are specialists.

Connection between Openbravo POS and Zen-Cart



Hostgreen has made bridge, a connection, between Openbravo POS and Zen-Cart, a script called "Conector POS-Zen".

In this project as a basis for innovation we had two solutions that until now had not been integrated together - Openbravo POS and Zen-Cart. To do this, we made a script that will run at a frequent pace to synchronize and determine the definition of the product offering and stock.

These two solutions (Openbravo POS and Zen-Cart) function completely autonomous and the synchronization point in the supply of products is run through our script, so that all stock and POS products which are available are automatically uploaded to the online store. This is the fundamental task of our script "Connector POS-Zen".

On a technical level there is integration with tables’ categories and products in both applications. Master data is in POS database.

The synchronization process will automatically upload all categories, articles, photos that illustrate items and stock available to the Zen-Cart solution avoiding duplicates to keep the offer in the online store effortlessly, here is where optimization lies to achieve this project. For example as a product runs out at the POS after a sale, this will be reflected in the online store with a sign "product not available" and prevent the online purchase at that time from the web.

The "Connector POS-Zen" script basically makes a sweep in the product tables that exist in Openbravo POS and proceeds to update this information on the basis of Zen-Cart MySQL data which is available online. All existing categories, new products released, stock available would be updated at the time for these products.

This script requires having an open port on hosting of MySQL server on the Internet to access the database dump of Zen-Cart and all information remotely. The script was developed on Java platform, which is platform of Openbravo POS. Our script resides on the machine or PC which runs Openbravo POS. There is a possibility in the Openbravo POS for each product that discharged a mark to indicate whether the product is uploaded or not to the Internet, it covers the needs for power control which products are finally published in its online store. So we can easily check and uncheck from Openbravo POS product if it is sold on the Internet or not.

In the local PC, where the POS system will have a windows scheduled task (cron in Linux case) will call our script for automatic upload in product offering and the photographs illustrating these within the Openbravo POS to be viewed in the online store. Photo upload is carried out via FTP, where our "Connector POS-Zen" moves through each product protocol, uploads this file via FTP to the server of the online store and then moves the image linked to the item recorded in the database.

Configuration parameters required for our script: the data connection to local and remote MySQL database, FTP server account and file path, where the images in the shop are, the local path where the POS is installed. The call rate remains as our script configuration parameter within the task scheduler that invokes cron or scheduled tasks.

Openbravo POS will be used as a POS software for trade

Zen-Cart platform will be used as e-commerce solution, which is available from



SugarCRM vs comparison. vtiger CRM

This comparison is made from our view and experience.

Advantage of VTiger CRM over SugarCRM:

- Supports full sales cycle (budget, order, invoice), database products and services.

- Faster loading times

- According to users improved usability, more intuitive, improved stability, ease of installation, billing module.


Adventages of SugarCRM over VTiger CRM:

- Can be implemented in large companies, VTiger CRM is designed for medium or small companies.

- The agenda module is shared more powerful and integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

- More functionality, support wide range of business processes.

- Increased community support, free nad paid version.

- Block access possibility to information through mobile terminals.

- Increased brand awareness, position leader in its segment.

- The installation of SugarCRM is more reliable and stable than the VTiger CRM.

Procedure for making remote copies via ftp Cobian Backup

COBAIAN BACKUP program (black moon next to the clock on taskbar) has the possibility in addition to moving the backup to "pen drive" (or other hard drive) it can be configured to automatically upload to a FTP account to safeguard your files on the Internet. It is much more comfortable since we abstract from the pen drive but requires that the PC has Internet connection and you to have a FTP account with sufficient size to store your copy (this will cost hosting on a remote server).

In the small manual that I have prepared and attached I present a method to do this configuration though COBIAN. I recommend you to implement it if you want to have an even higher degree of automation and safety in your automated backup. If you currently do not have a hosting provider who has a sufficient size for FTP, let me inform you that we have a special product in Hostgreen for these needs. It is called GreenBackup which gives you an FTP account with 1 GB of capacity and it only costs 55 Euros per year.

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