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Hostgreen: VISIT for FREE SEMINAR Free Software CRM for sales management
VISIT us for FREE SEMINAR vtiger CRM management team which include the presentation of free software as Vtiger CRM can be applied to improve the management and sales for your company.
What is the content?
  • What´s How I can improve my sales in PYME through implementing CRM? Who has implemented CRM solutions?
  • Give information about the various CRM solutions for improving management and customer relations, comparative CRM solutons free software, benefits from the use of free software in CRM solutions.
  • Implementation process and adaptation solutions open source CRM in PYME.
  • How do I get my sales improve with this tool? What is the ROI?
  • Discover how vtiger CRM can help your SME to improve business performance through increased productivity and agility.
Management Team and Sales Team of your company who are interested in finding out first hand how CRM can help and bring value to PROCESS OF SALE in their company. If you are looking for PYME. Seminar then can help you with choose the most correct solution.
We are performing SEMINAR day in your offices. Who find it more comfortable (or remotely by online presentation on the Internet) from your computer. Through our projector will present in a room of your office a demonstration of this tool.

We hope that we can show you "flexibility in the process of selling" in action with vtiger CRM.

Let me inform you of this grant 100% for training in implementation of CRM:

Learning Credits workers by the Tripartite Safety Foundation Social.

Amount: Credit assigned to the company by social security.
Eligible costs: Training
Benefits: SMEs in Spain
Deadline: All 2014
To request our visit just have to tell their data through nuestro formulario de contacto (en este link).
Android and iPhone marketing app

Appgreen is an application for Android / iPhone that allows successful online marketing. Through it can communicate all the latest news, products and services to customers. You can control it all from a self-administered web control panel.

Since we launched this product for our customers improve brand positioning and communication with their customers through channel mobile applications on smartphones.

You can access the web product in the direction

2nd Day for Programmer: Developing apps

This week, particularly on  Thursday July 10 at 18:00 at Coworking Málaga organize this event where we will try such an interesting issue as the way in which a developer can open a business via social network with either integration them into other applications through official bookstores, or directly automating tasks.

18:00 - “Libraries Social Networks” by José Ferrer ( Solbyte).

18:20 – “Social networking –  Technology Supporting Innovation” by Dan Kuida (Mela).

18:50 - “Social networks and free software.”  by Francisco Castillo (Hostgreen).

19:20 - Networking informal.

The event is Coworkinng in the building of Alameda Principal, nº 44, Málaga

Enlace Google Maps de Coworking Malaga,+44/@36.7171609,-4.425365,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0xd72f796dc95131b:0x96e7769079ff467c

Presentation by Hostgreen about VTiger CRM for project Innomercamed in Tetouan

Hostgreen performed presentation about VTiger CRM solution adapted to Innomercamed project for the Provincial Council of Granada to Tetuan city entrepreneurs at a meeting held at March 6, 2014 in the city hall.

App Hostgreen for iOS can now be downloaded from App Store

You can now download app "Hostgreen" from App Store to get the latest news, articles and reports.

Just search for an app named "Hostgreen" from App Store and install it for free.

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