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Openbravo POS is a POS application in industry-leading free software retailer. It has been specifically designed for touch screens with a wide range of businesses from restaurants and grocery stores to special retailers in providing businesses. Openbravo POS can be configured to run on any POS environment, becoming a feature-rich solution. Openbravo POS and Openbravo ERP can work separately or together depending on the needs of users.

Openbravo POS has been developed specifically for touch screens and its design is very intuitive and centered towards the usability. This helps reduce the learning curve of users while increasing their productivity, allowing employees spend less time using the point of sales terminal and more time serving the customers.

Advanced features:

Openbravo POS offers all the functionality required for POS systems. It is highly flexible and with a wide range of configuration options, it allow businesses such as retailers and restaurants / bars easily implement it.

Suported POS hardware devices:

- Touch screens

- Barcode scanners

- Scales

- Receipt printers (Epson TM88iV, Star, Ithaca,..)

- Client displays (Epson LD110, L200-,..)

- Cash register

- Magnetic Card Readers

Free software

Openbravo is developed under a free software license, without costs or ties to any particular supplier. This license ensures public access to the source code and permission to modify it freely without charge. In Hostgreen we have programmers who can functionally extend the Java programming solutions tailored to your business particular needs.


Openbravo POS is entirely developed in Java programming language and works 100 % with operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, the package that runs on Java Virtual Machine can be brought to any operating system with their respective hardware platform.

Adaption to your needs

Openbravo POS is easy to configure and can be adapted to different sized businesses, becoming an ideal solution for businesses that need only one point of sales terminal, many points of sales terminals in one place with multiple users or multiple points of sales terminals in different places (through WLAN Internet connection).

Integration with Openbravo ERP

According to the need Openbravo POS and Openbravo ERP can function separately and together. Openbravo POS can be seamlessly integrated with Openbravo ERP, includes many features such as sales, refunds, daily reports, cash management, warehouse management, and multiple reports to help you:

  • Serve customers better using intuitive forms to manage sales quickly and efficiently
  • Close the cash-terminal every day with the latest information on sales, products, transactions, stock levels and more with a single click
  • More efficient sales and customer returns, with quick access to accurate information about purchases at each terminal
  • Minimize the cost and developed of a complex network of outlets through a free software solution that is easy to customize, runs on multiple platforms and supports a wide selection of POS devices.
  • Share the tranquility of companies around the world who have already installed Openbravo POS and are benefiting from its robust functionality

The module for Restaurants

* Manage bookings and reservation of the restaurant through Openbravo POS

* Management of floors, tables, products, payment

* Know the occupancy rate of the restaurant at any time.

* Ability to integrate requests for PDAs and ORDERMAN handhelds

Hostgreen does consultations and implementations on free software Openbravo POS for multi - or single user solutions. We also link Openbravo ERP with your amount of products, synchronize the sales with all the stores associated with your business.