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Hostgreen is a consulting firm specializing in web application development in Java technology, PHP and Ruby on Rails. We have extensive experience in the development and maintanance of applications in the field of open source based technologies.

- Development and adaptation of free software solutions supported by ERP and CRM (OpenbravoERP, OpenERP, webERP, SugarCRM, VTiger CRM)
- Software development for ERP and CRM solutions.
- Development of  e-Commerce Solutions (B2B, B2C) based on free software.
- Development of Business Process Management applications.
- Development of online document management projects based on free software.
- Development and implementation of eLearning platform based on free software.
- Development of Real Estate portals and Real Estate CRM
- Development of apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (modules of CRM on mobile devices, applications for management solutions)
- Development of online community portals (job boards, contacts, news and forums, image galleries).
- Registration and administration of online reservations for hotels and travel agencies.
- Development of online games and web chat, competitions and betting.

Hostgreen's mission is to provide development services for web solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, seeking their satisfaction through strict quality control.

Working Method

Our software development process goes through the following phases: requirements specification, functional and technical analysis, programming, integration and functional testing, implementation in production environment and training in the use of the tool to end users.


The team and network of professionals who collaborate with us are our greatest asset.

- Project Managers with experience of over 10 years

- Software Architects with extensive experience in business management systems

- Technical Analysts with experience of more than 5 years

- Senior Developers with more than 5 years of experience

Quality Control

We apply stringent functional test protocols and techniques of our developments to ensure the proper functioning of the system in production environment.

- Version control software

- Functional testing (unit, integrated and regression)


Programming Languages ​​(JAVA, J2EE, J2SE, JSP, PHP, Ruby on Rails)

Databases (Mysql, Postgresql, Oracle, Sybase)

Development environments (Eclipse, JBuilder)

Frameworks (MVC, Hibernate, Structs, Ruby on Rails)

Reports (iReports, Cristal Reports)