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Systems of quality management, ISO 9000, certification, audits, are increasingly common terms in our business environment, the echo of the seal of ISO9001 quality can determine a win or not tender or be eligible for provider a major customer.

But what are these acronyms? What are they? Whether you're in an ISO 9001 certified company, as if being in the working group to implement it in your business this is the course you need to know it's quality and ISO 9001.

With the hiring of our course will have access to a document management system where your company will have all the documentation and templates necessary for a proper management of ISO 9001 in your company.

The first chapters give you a general idea of ​​what and what is ISO 9001. The last chapters delve into the rule set out the documentation to prepare for implementing quality in the company, explaining all the requirements to be met by quality audits. A must if you have to implement in your organization! Also essential if your organization and you have implemented but keep that certification current.