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What is CRM?

CRM is a business philosophy that is focused on continuous improvement in the management of customer relationships. The purpose of a web CRM software is to manage the business process to find, get and retain customers. The modules themselves a web CRM software include: contacts, calendar, campaigns, sales cycle, budget and orders, after sales support.

What is Vtiger CRM?

Vtiger CRM software is a free application for managing customer relationship CRM web format that allows businesses to succeed in business focus and customer care. Vtiger CRM also covers other aspects such as the automation of the sales force (SFA), and the tools of business intelligence (BI). We can handle the business process to sell a single common platform for all the sales team and customer service. Vtiger CRM is a leader in software tools free web CRM, has nothing to envy other expensive commercial tools in its class. Vtiger CRM includes sales force automation, customer service and support, marketing automation, inventory management, support for multiple database managers, security management, product customization, calendars, email integration, extensions (for Outlook and Thunderbird), among other features.


How a Web CRM implanted in my company?

Through our course => course web software implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) hardenable by formation of Lock-free. If your sales team needs to have a tool that allows you to better manage their contacts, which can not escape sales opportunities, provide better customer service, this course will get implemented using free software in your company.

This course is accessed:

- Have a plan of hosting on our server where you have installed the vtiger CRM throughout 1 year in its Spanish version.

- Adapt vtigerCRM all your company data and necessary user accounts for you

- Access to our online training program

- Having a remote support from us in doubt or incidents in the program.

The course fee / service would be only 420 euros FREE hardenable through Social Security (tripartite foundation courses, training of workers).



• High and configuration of vtiger CRM hosting plan year in our server Linux: Free
• Access to our online training course in vTiger CRM
• Remote support for configuration, parameterization, concerns or issues with the program.

• Alta, parameterization and configuration of vtiger CRM: Free
• Lodging current domain: Free
• Up to 25 corporate email accounts: Free
• Maintenance Training System program + + Support: 65 € / month
• Annual Contract

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