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What is a funnel or sales funnel?

Through the implementation of a correct sales funnel in our CRM Open Source software (sales funnel) your business will improve the conversion between leads and sales. The processes and sequences of emails are designed through which the leads go through optimizing and automating driving them to the sale with a good funnel.

Having a conversion funnel implemented in the CRM Open Source of your business will allow you to have the sale process through different phases well, also identify where people are escaping from that sale process to try to correct that situation continuously to future. It's about designing automatic emails that allow you to rethink people who get out of the funnel.


The sales funnel implemented in our Open Source CRM software applies to both small and large companies, at Hostgreen we can help you implement this funnel to suit your business.

Embudo de ventas (funnel) de CRM en Hostgreen

What is implanting a funnel or sales funnel?

To implement a sales funnel is to develop a series of techniques, automatic emails, workflows and automatic tasks in your CRM that allow you to better convert leads into sales opportunities and final purchases, from when they arrive from the web until the accepted budget is closed . The lead goes through different stages or stages within that process where you always try to drive so you do not escape from our funnel.

What benefits do the funnel or sales funnel generate?

Having a sales funnel allows you to have a higher percentage of sales lead conversions, if your business of every 100 leads is currently only converting 1 customer through the implementation of the funnel in our Open Source CRM you will make a quantitative leap of being able to generate for example 10 clients from those 100 leads.

With the start-up of the sales funnel you will have the advantage of a fully automated process that allows you to generate sales with the least efforts by the sales team allowing these to manage more volume of leads with less effort, let's say the CRM software works in collaboration with your sales team doing the hard work of routine tasks and possible automation.

What phases does a customer go through the sales funnel of your business?

Step 1

Initially, your client has a first idea that they need your product or service in some way and take a first contact through a contact form or newsletter subscription. This first record enters your CRM to be already treated and managed by your funnel system and commercial team. In order for this client to be registered we have had to attract him through the contents, information and illustrations that exist in each of our web pages to have ended up as lead data registered in our CRM. This first phase is essential in any business where online marketing, content strategy and presentation of the offer is essential to attract the end customer to our brand and company.

Step 2

The client has already prepared a budget with you, has already well defined their needs of product or service to receive. But it enters a phase of comparing with the competition and looking for the ideal supplier for said product or service already defined. Here through our CRM it is important to fire the emails and reminders of tasks that allow this potential client not to be forgotten and lead him to our business as the ideal solution to solve your problem. In this phase it is essential to present more personalized information in your service or product offer emails to allow you to stand out and present your strengths to the competition.

Step 3

We enter into a negotiation phase with the client. This has selected your business as a finalist or as the best candidate and we enter different calls, procedures and emails to close the contract and that you reach the payment of a signal that completely closes the sale. Here, carrying out an agile and efficient management through our CRM is critical to get the sale to fruition. This phase is where the commercial team is essential to guide and lead the client to the sale, completing its confidence in our product and service and controlling this whole process through the CRM. If at any given time this cycle of the sale is delayed or stopped, it is the CRM itself that launches reminders to the sales team and the customer to complete the sale and that this customer returns to our sales funnel and does not leave through another loophole.

Why choose Hostgreen to design and improve your funnel or sales funnel?

We are experts for 15 years in custom implementation of Open Source CRM for the sales funnel and we have extensive experience in developing attractive content and SEO web positioning to make a good Inbound marketing for your business.