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At Hostgreen we are a team of CRM Consultants specialized in the development and implementation of Free Software vTiger CRM or Sugar CRM tailored to your needs.

Our consultants can be hired in packages of working hours to start different CRM consulting sessions, programming and training to adapt our CRM solutions based on Free Software to suit the needs of your company.

A business vision in the CRM, we are specialists in the development of free software CRM consultancies for SMEs, we implement the information system based on solutions such as vTiger and we understand it not as a support to the organization but as the organization itself for the continuous improvement in the process management of the sale and after-sales cycle of your business. Therefore, our team of consultants analyzes the solutions from a business point of view, rather than purely technical. The Consulting staff is composed of qualified Computer Engineers in the economic / organizational area (MBA) and in business circuit management methods in SMEs.

This methodology ensures an analysis and a correct approach of the business processes of the companies supported in our Free Software platforms. Hostgreen takes advantage of the implementation of the CRM management solution to ensure that the client obtains the most efficient and effective use of all its commercial and customer service resources.

The methodology applied in the area of ​​CRM Consulting is defined by the following elements:

- Definition of requirements

- Project presentation and Organization

- Solution design

In Hostgreen we provide services around this CRM Free Software such as:

- Installation and commissioning of the vTiger CRM solution

- User-level training and administration services of vTiger CRM

- Custom programming of new vTiger CRM modules

- Consulting for the custom implementation of vTiger CRM

- Migrate data to vTiger CRM, custom import schedule

- Integrate vTiger CRM with other systems