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PostHeaderIcon SugarCRM vs comparison. vtiger CRM

This comparison is made from our view and experience.

Advantage of VTiger CRM over SugarCRM:

- Supports full sales cycle (budget, order, invoice), database products and services.

- Faster loading times

- According to users improved usability, more intuitive, improved stability, ease of installation, billing module.


Adventages of SugarCRM over VTiger CRM:

- Can be implemented in large companies, VTiger CRM is designed for medium or small companies.

- The agenda module is shared more powerful and integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

- More functionality, support wide range of business processes.

- Increased community support, free nad paid version.

- Block access possibility to information through mobile terminals.

- Increased brand awareness, position leader in its segment.

- The installation of SugarCRM is more reliable and stable than the VTiger CRM.