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In Hostgreen are specialists in implementing the document management system based on free software called mydms here in Malaga.

A document management system as mydms allows users to store documents, share with others and bring a report of the different versions of files, search for documents in the database and other possibilities that will promote a better management of your company's documentation and the relationship with their customers.

A document management system has multiple applications in different environments. For example, a finance / advice you can use to publish the documents in a private to their clients, also is releasing a global common folder with documentation to all customers to be shared by them.

You can have access to our online demo of the tool at the following address

login: client1

password: hostgreen


MyDMS is a document management system (DMS) based on standard programming and databases, open source and released under General Public License (GPL)

MyDMS offers the following features:

- Upload files through the web interface of the application

- Create folders to group and classify documents

- Edit online documents and folders

- Keep a record of carving the information from the documents loaded into the system

- Lock and lock documents des-

- Update documents, keeping old versions

- Icons for different individual "mime_type"

- Set expiration date for the documents

- Notice to users, trvés an email, update or expiration of lso documents that concern them.

- Download documents and view them through the browser

- Control user access through controlled access detailed lists (ACLs)

- Management of group and individual users

- Powerful search tool

- Multiple languages

- Template system

- Topic and language selectable by the user to access the system

- Intuitive user interface

- Works with standard browsers lon

- Simple installation

- Autoconversion to HTML to view online documents (including Word documents)

- Supports multiple databases through ADOdb

MyDMS combines all these features with an attractive web interface that allows access to documents not only via the intranet, but also through the Internet, from anywhere.

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