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What is SEO (search engine optimization) and serving for my company?

Basically do a good SEO of your website is to apply a set of techniques to improve the presence and your position in search results returned by search engines (mainly Google) for certain search terms (eg "malaga cinemas") with the aim of getting more traffic to your website looking for the product or service you offer. Also it called SEO professional running this set of optimization tasks for your website. The process of optimizing your website not only requires extensive internal changes online marketing on their website but to reach the targets set in positioning for your project.

Through SEO, your company can get your website the visitors who can looking for just the product or service you offer (for example if you have a theater malaga ideally this well positioned in the chain search "malaga cinemas" seeketh that string into Google will most likely be looking to buy a movie ticket). To do this the search engines have a number of rules and criteria that should be known to implement the right measures on their website to optimize its positioning.

How do I get my website better position doing a FREE SEO and by training workers?

Through our course / SEO service applicable for continuous training workers International business you can get apply a good SEO to your website from:

- You reach our SEO training course specialized in SMEs in Spain

- Through our SEO training consultant will issue a report and analysis of how policies apply SEO to improve the SEO of your page

- Apply the steps on their website to achieve the objectives of positioning combinations of keywords

The course will be subsidized by social security, with credits that your company provided job training for their employees ( We manage free and comfortable to the employer all the necessary procedures before the Social Security to obtain free grant of the course (first course is paid and immediately grant is received by the social security of the same discount contributions to the SS).

Once registration is completed, they will be provided access to our online training platform for the next month and a half to complete the course.

The course has 54 hours, divided into 4 themes, addressing each subject weekly. Access to the course is completely flexibe by the student, accessing it when you have time (without affecting their daily productivity in the company).

In our e-learning platform for students will have all the tools necessary for the development of the course (content, quizzes, forums) all moderate and managed by the teacher will be available for online tutoring (via msn, skype, email or phone) throughout the duration of the course. I attached the agenda and course planning.