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Our ICT Consultancy Technical Service Green is completely FREE for our clientes is that an expert consultant on open source solutions will visit your office to advise and give training in using different ICT solutions (based on free software)necessary for your company (management software, self-managed web pages, document management, LOPD, backups, etc. ..).

He will meet with you and help you to uncover what their most pressing technological needs and ICT for innovation and improvement of processes in your company. The consultant will submit a report with all this information and to give them a posteriori training in the use of these tools in our training course appropriate.

The consultant's work is to search and find the best solutions for your business and provide training to their workers and to implement them. Examples of free solutions offered by consultants could be: websites, Internet domains, antivirus, firewall, programs to bring the company's management, software for electronic invoicing, digital signature, appointment calendar sharing, calendar, contacts, programs PDA specific programs of activity, and so on. Commented that, among other things, also provide businesses with financial information, assistance and grants to finance projects to acquire technology, as might be interest loans 0.

If you want to visit us I provide the following information: name, address, telephone and email to contact you and schedule an appointment.

Here are the levels of ICT by that we believe may pass a business and the consultant whose goal is to maximize your level minimizing the cost with the use of free software (Green ICT solutions)

Our Green ICT consulting services deals with the development of each of the locations specified below during an interview with the employer.

Baseline ICT company

1.1 PC with Internet access Printer

1.2 Basic office software (OpenOffice, Microsoft Office)

1.3 Antivirus and firewall (PCTools Antivirus)

1.4 System backup (Cobian Backup)

1.5 Local Area Network implemented in the company

Web 1.6 static information

1.7 Self-control

1.8 Corporate Email

1.9 basic collaborative tools (DropBox, Google Calendar)

ICT mid-level company

Enterprise 2.1 Server on the local network (central repository of information)

2.2 Systems automated remote backup (online via Internet)

Corporate Web 2.3 upgradeable (product catalogs, news, web 2.0)

2.4 business management software (database of customers, orders, invoices, etc)

2.5 Management of the bank through Internet

Accounting Management Software 2.6

2.7 Adherence to the Data Protection Act

2.8 Adaptation to the LSSI-CE

2.9 Implementation of CRM software (Management of customer relationships, business cycle with the client)

2.10 Implementation of document management software (centralized repository of documents)

2.11 Agenda of appointments / tasks and shared addresses

2.12 Electronic Billing

2.13 Electronic Commerce

2.14 Remote access to the network or enterprise server

2.15 videoconferencing systems and video surveillance

Advanced Level ICT company

3.1 System integrated business management ERP

3.2 Employment Systems Scorecard in the company

3.3 Using the corporate intranet for internal company management

3.4 Platform for e-commerce payment gateway integrated, online order tracking

3.5 Use of digital certificates in e-commerce or signing contracts

3.6 ISO 9001 Quality Certification

3.7 Certification of information security ISO 27000