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Our consulting team in Hostgreen is also specialized in implementing CRM solutions based on SugarCRM free software..

We define CRM as a business model designed to interact with customers in the most efficient manner as possible, allowing to identify good opportunities and manage customer accounts or optimally to get the loyalty of our portfolio. The successful implementation of a CRM solution in the company lies in the substantial improvement that occurs in managing the sales process and customer interaction, this leads to a clear improvement in business performance.

In our implementation process we follow a methodology that goes through several steps:

1) Boarding our consulting phase where you define all areas to be covered and all tasks necessary to carry out by the project, defining the duties of each member of the project, both your consultants and the management team of the company. After a analysis and documentation of the particular needs of our client, we establish a series of milestones and estimated duration and duties necessary for the proper execution of the project.

2) During this phase of project development, based on the requirements involving programming or adaptation of the solution of SugarCRM, our team prepares an instance adopted to the needs of the client to proceed with debugging and user testing with customer. Developments will be implemented what allow the integration of CRM with other systems of the company for the exchange of information between systems.

3) During this phase various training sessions are conducted online for the team members or managers of the platform. This is one of the most important parts because users must learn how to use the tool to achieve the goals set by the company to the CRM. The worst is to  have a platform which is unknown and unused by employees of the company.

4) Implementation of the instance in final production, import and proceed with the initial data load, discharge of roles and user accounts. Our consultant project manager will work closely with the management team of the company during this phase for the resolution of any impacts on the implementation of the solution.

Hostgreen specializes in the implementation of free software solutions and CRM with over 10 years experience in this type of projects. We have a great management solutions such as SugarCRM to implement the CRM business strategy for your company or organization.

Our consultants have worked on CRM projects in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Our services to clients are:

- Model business processes in the commercial area on solution SugarCRM

- Configuring the CRM solution to the particular needs of the business

- Formation of the tool using SugarCRM

- Programming of the solution for the particular needs of SugarCRM