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From our long experience in implementing CRM solutions in the cloud for different types of company we wanted to collect in this article each of the keys that we see in the process of implementation thereof:
1) Not only CRM software installed but see how we can manage business processes in addition to providing adequate training to all employees to use CRM and perform these use cases
2nd) Implement business processes incrementally as the staff of the company will absorb the new technology CRM software, not trying to get into developments or complex programming but quickly deploy the solution and to go gradually adapting to each of the processes business of that company
3rd) The management team of the company must lead the implementation process, it is not worth if we dont know use it, not lead the project and start see the benefits of their implementation to the rest of the company
4th) Someone within the company should support inquiries about the correct use of the platform, there must be a leader who understands the benefits of CRM software well and making proper use of it, that person transfers his knowledge to the rest of users to establish patterns cases appropriate use of CRM system within the company
5th) We must looking for crm solutions on the web which are 100% accessible, agile and fast, if the system is on a local server that I am always fallen or is not available mobility this can curb the use of the same and efficiency management
6) Try CRM system prototypes quickly to see how can be implanted these business processes in sales management or sales of our company. Not enter into the development of a software project that can not touch for several months, there is now a good deal of free software solutions (Vtiger CRM) that allow us to touch the solution from the beginning of the project and feel reflected in it quickly seeing a prototype or demo of it
7) Have opportunities for integration with third party ERP systems, email, website, apps, export to office automation. If our CRM software is closed and does not interoperate with other systems this cause is not "compatible" with the rest of the ecosystem that is going to surround you in our company. The use of open free software programs such as CRM VTiger guarantee success in this regard
8) Import data initially CRM system is another key to promote the use thereof and reduce the jump to give on the first step of the project. All will have more chance of success if all customers data company, products thereof, HTML templates emails to commercial communication, all contacts with their phones and emails are already in the CRM , databases of potential companies to go work with eMarketing campaigns
9th) Establish metrics that would indicate the extent of use and implementation of CRM in our company it is another key to success. Always measure is important to know that every month are increasing the number of contacts, calls, visits, clients, opportunities can give us an idea of ​​whether the project is on track or not
10th) Having the support of a technology partner as Hostgreen to serve on the platform of CRM software implemented is perhaps one of the keys to success we as a platform for the development and management of technical knowledge when goals and project requirements are ambitious for company. Our company take advantage of all the experience in other types of implementations for other types of companies Hostgreen consultants can be one of the keys to go faster in the implementation and maximize performance and benefit CRM tool