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In Hostgreen we have a team of specialized consultants in the implementation of web solutions like CRM or SugarCRM vtiger CRM, apply custom programming services, configuration, training, consulting on free web CRM software. Vtiger CRM is a web application for managing the customer relationship management (CRM or Customer Relationship Management) which is 100% free software. With our web services implementation of CRM and CRM solution VTiger get better manage the relationship with customers and potential customers, allowing you to control your needs and market behavior.


What is CRM?
CRM is a business philosophy that is focused on continuous improvement of the management of customer relations. The purpose of CRM software is to manage the business process to find, get, and keep clientes. Our own CRM software modules are: contacts, calendar, campaigns, sales cycle, budget and orders, sales.


What is vtiger CRM?
Vtiger CRM is a CRM software in web format free use for managing customer relationship (CRM or Customer Relationship Management) that enables businesses  success in business focus and customer care. Vtiger CRM also covers other aspects such as the automation of the sales force (SFA) tools and business intelligence (BI). Vtiger CRM is an application for managing customer relationships 100% Open Source CRM and web format. It main goal is to provide the best CRM solution implemented web and more open. Vtiger CRM is targeted and focused on giving the best solution for the commercial management of SMEs (sales cycle).

Vtiger CRM allows us to manage the business process to the sale in a single common platform for all the sales team and customer. Vtiger CRM is a leader of tools free CRM software.
Vtiger CRM includes force automation sales, support and customer service, marketing automation, handling inventory, support for multiple handlers database, security management, product customization, calendaring, e-mail integration, extensions (for Outlook and Thunderbird), integration with Smartphones Apps for IOS and Android among other features.

Vtiger CRM includes support for mobility, has exclusive apps for Android and iPhone, is very comfortable access CRM data from anywhere with our mobile Smartphone.
The main features in vtiger CRM are:
- Comprehensive management of customer relations, commercial tracking of clients
- Management of marketing campaigns
- Precontracts management, life cycle sale, from pre-contact to closed sale
- Monitoring business opportunities detected with customers
- Budget management, order management, sales invoice management
- Analysis and business reports, dashboards design, preparation of new listings and reports
- Product management and inventory management, price lists
- Supplier Management, managing purchase orders to suppliers

Pantalla de VTiger CRM en Hostgreen

VTiger differences between CRM and SugarCRM
Vtiger CRM is a 100% free software project while SugarCRM is more professional and provides services to users community approach. Although vtiger CRM emerged as a derivative of SugarCRM, currently it has a large community of users and developers around the world, with the aim of becoming the free software application easier to deploy and use in any type of company.
We will proceed with comparison between the community and the project SugarCRM version 100% open source vtiger CRM
Vtiger CRM is more intuitive and more usability than Sugar CRM application, this allows the user to learn and adapt faster in this application to the environment of a CRM.
Vtiger CRM is faster in speed of response than Sugar CRM, is more agile and less heavy software. It is a very important for the user to remain loyal with this solution factor.
Vtiger CRM provides plug-ins (addons) for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla / Thunderbird, Microsoft Word, and Customer Portal, which adds more value to end customers, providing many features that SugarCRM currently only provided in your payment option.
Vtiger CRM has more functionality than the community of SugarCRM version, modules budget management, order management, invoice management, document management, product management, vendors, purchase orders are accessible functionalities from VTiger CRM but not available within the community of SugarCRM version.


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