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Since July 17th you can benefit from the aid of the Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce, managed through the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA), which are intended to contribute to industrial development and job creation In Andalucia. Within this Order there is a specific line of subsidies for the digital transformation of the Andalusian SME. Do you know what actions are contemplated?


Subsidies for the digital transformation of the SME

The call for subsidies for the digital transformation of SMEs was published on July 13th in the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía.

Who can benefit from the grants for digital transformation?

Andalusian SMEs with some exceptions specified in Annex I of the Order of June 5, 2017, which approves the regulatory bases for granting said subsidies.

Where can you apply for these grants?

In order to be informed and request the aids, it is necessary to enter the Virtual Office of the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalucía IDEA. Remember: the deadline to apply for grants is from July 17 to December 30, 2018.

What is the amount of these subsidies?

The projects will have a minimum budget of 6,000 euros and will have a 50% subsidy on the eligible costs, with a maximum aid intensity of 75,000 euros on these eligible costs:

  • Consultancy for the analysis of processes and definition of strategies,
  • Implementation consultancy and training of personnel associated with the implementation, migration or loading of significant data to be operational.
  • The hardware and software license costs of the necessary software tools or solutions, as long as they are part of the eligible investments.

The costs of own personnel as well as performances or consultancies of services for routine tasks or maintenance will not be eligible.


Digital transformation of the SME. Eligible projects

Do you have a business and want to know which projects can benefit from the SME digital transformation line? As a starting point, all those projects hired by SMEs for the incorporation of information and communication technologies that contribute to improving their competitiveness and productivity are contemplated.

These projects may include, whenever necessary, previous consulting services for the analysis, diagnosis and definition of a strategy for its implementation, in order to inform the company about the best ICT solutions for the needs identified, as well as the better way to incorporate them effectively.

Types of projects for the promotion of the digital transformation of the SME

1- Electronic commerce services

These grants include consulting services to provide specialized and individualized advice on electronic commerce (operational, technical, logistical and legal aspects to ensure the success of a virtual store), as well as the implementation of eCommerce technology solutions and services , that contribute to the commercialization of the products and services of the company through Internet.

These projects include services such as:

  • Development of the strategic plan of electronic commerce in the SME. You can include concepts such as:

          - Analysis and diagnosis needs to implement an electronic commerce solution.
          - Definition of a strategy.
          - Business plan.

  • Development of an online communication and marketing plan for electronic commerce.
  • Analysis and improvement of the processes of customer service, logistics and distribution, means of payment in electronic commerce.
  • Development of a plan for the integration of SME management systems with an electronic commerce platform.
  • Positioning analysis.
  • Implementation of technological tools for the creation of a virtual store.
  • Creation of online catalog.

Examples of eligible services in electronic commerce:

  • Consultancy for the diagnosis of needs with the implementation of platform sales and platform use training
  • Personal advice in the development of the strategic e-commerce plan.
  • Creation of sales APP.
  • Web page and online catalog (provided that they are part of the solutions and services that contribute to the commercialization of products over the Internet) together with shopping cart and payment gateway.
  • Implementation of electronic commerce solution.
  • Online catalog creation (under the same conditions as the previous point) and marketplace incorporation.

2- Digital marketing services

Destined to those projects of definition and implantation of strategies of communication, publicity and marketing in Internet. It includes personalized advice to the SME for the definition of a digital marketing plan, as well as the implementation of ICT services and solutions necessary for the implementation of the defined strategy.

What kind of services are included in the subsidies line?

  • Brand image.
  • Marketing management for the implementation of directed and segmented marketing actions.
  • Marketing and digital communication plan.
  • Creation of webpages.
  • Tools to improve the SEO / SEM positioning of the web and for the management of social networks
  • Creation of a professional profile in social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin).
  • Web positioning
  • Web optimization actions for search engine positioning.
  • Marketing strategy in social networks.
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Analytics.
  • Customer loyalty. Engagement

Examples of services that fall into this line of momentum of a digital marketing strategy:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing strategy together with the creation of a professional profile in Social Networks
  • Consulting in content marketing
  • Consulting for SEO / SEM positioning and optimization actions

Digital marketing strategy together with the strategy of positioning and creation of brand image and web page (these last two will only be subsidies linked to the marketing strategy, not by themselves).

3- Services for the digitalization of business processes

Intended for projects that involve the incorporation of ICT solutions for the improvement of the different areas and processes of the company, organization of production, relations with suppliers or customers, environmental management, energy efficiency, logistics and distribution, human resources management, accounting, billing and other business management systems.

What services fall within this section?

  • Basic management solutions (collection and payment management, electronic invoicing, accounting management programs).
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) for:

 - Customer Management.
- Account management.
- Calendar management, tasks and appointments.
- Support for the detection of potential clients and customer analysis.
- Creation and management of marketing campaigns, management and detection of sales opportunities, creation of     reports and scorecards, etc.

  • ERP (Business Management System): accounting, billing, business budgeting and reporting solutions, all integrated to favor business management.
  • Logistics management and / or fleet management applications.
  • Inventory management system and warehouse orders. Inventory software (barcode, RFID).
  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for control and monitoring of business processes.
  • Data collection system outside the company's facilities.
  • Collaborative tools for project management, time management, task flow, knowledge management, shared appointment scheduling, shared documents, messaging, videoconferencing, ..).
  • Business intelligence solutions.
  • Energy efficiency solutions.
  • Environmental management solutions.
  • Sector specific solutions: Point of Sale (POS) terminal, handheld, tools for the optimization of online hotel distribution, computer-aided design ...

Examples of services that fall within the line for the digital transformation of the SME:

  • Consulting and Implementation of ERP.
  • Analysis, implementation of a fleet management system and training
  • Consultancy for the optimization of waste management and implementation of solutions.
  • Business analytics and Business intelligence solution.
  • Analysis and design for the implementation of POS solution along with the equipment and training.
  • Consulting and identification of needs along with the implementation of IoT solutions (sensor devices and support, training).
  • 3D printing solutions for product prototyping.

Note: At this point, the necessary hardware and software investments should be part of the eligible investments to be undertaken, with the exception of office solutions and operating systems, office or similar, which will not be eligible.

4- Digital trust services

Intended for projects to carry out actions that promote the improvement of security and trust of services in the digital field.

At this point, services such as:

  • Consulting to define the digital security policy of the company.
  • Implementation of codes of good practices for the management of information security.
  • Adaptation to the regulatory framework: data protection (LOPD), protection of industrial property, protection of consumer rights ...
  • Tools for managing backup copies.
  • Risk analysis and security technical reviews.
  • Implementation of preventive and corrective measures.

Examples of services eligible for these grants:

  • Definition of security policies of the company with the implementation of solutions and training.
  • Identification of security vulnerabilities of the company together with the implementation of preventive and corrective measures.
  • ISO27001 certification
  • Consulting for the obtaining of trust stamps
  • Obtaining confidence seal.

Drive the digital transformation of your business with grants from the Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce of the Junta de Andalucía.

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alt text

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What is CRM?


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What is VTiger CRM?


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The main features in Vtiger CRM are:

- Integrated management of customer relations, commercial tracking client

- Management of marketing campaigns

- Management precontracts, the life cycle of the sale from the closed to the sale precontacting

- Monitoring of business opportunities identified with clients

- Budget management, order management, sales management bills

- Analysis and trade reports, dashboard design, preparation of reports and new listings

- Product management and inventory management, price lists

- Vendor Management, Purchase Order Management Providers

Differences between VTiger CRM and SugarCRM

Vtiger CRM is a 100% free software project while SugarCRM has a more professional approach and service deliver to users community. Although VTiger CRM emerged as a derivative of SugarCRM, currently it has a large community of users and developers around the world, with the goal of becoming the free software application which is easy to deploy and use in all types of business.

Comparasion between versions of SugarCRM community and open source project VTiger CRM

- Vtiger CRM is a more intuitive and more usabable than Sugar CRM, it allows the user to learn and adapt with the CRM environment more quickly.

- Vtiger CRM is faster in speed of response than Sugar CRM, the software is a more agile and lighter. It is a very important factor for the user while choosing the solution.

- Vtiger CRM provides addons for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla / Thunderbird, Microsoft Word, and Customer Portal, which adds more value to customers, providing many more features which SugarCRM currently only provides withpayment option.

- VTiger CRM has more functionality than the community version of SugarCRM, it has modules to manage budgets, also order management, invoice management, document management, product management, vendors, purchase orders which all are accessible from VTiger CRM but not available within the community version of SugarCRM.

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